Adoption Policies and Procedures
1.) Take your time to look at our birds that are up for adoption. They can be viewed on our webpage, Petfinder (, and the in adoption binder at the Avian and Exotic Animal Hospital.
2.) Contact Melanie Ariessohn, ARC’s Adoption Coordinator, expressing interest in adopting.  Be sure to mention which parrot has caught your interest.  Her email is, or you can go to the “ Contact Us” page on our website and submit a message addressed to her.
3.) Melanie will contact you to schedule a time for you to come out to the facility, to meet the parrot of interest and to spend some time socializing with it, to see if there is a mutual interest. On the same day, you will be asked to take our adoption-required seminar covering everything about companion parrots from A-Z. On leaving for the day, you will be asked to schedule a day and time for a home visit.
4.) During the home visit, you will be assisted with cage location, and we will discuss with you whether any hazards in the home, such as air fresheners or Teflon pans, are noted. This is not a white-glove visit, but just a way for us to help you in being successful with your new parrot and to ensure the parrot is going to a safe environment.
5.) Prior to leaving the home visit, we will give you a copy of the adoption application and ask you to fill it out in full, attaching a cover letter and emailing both back to Melanie, so that she may submit the application, along with her notes, to the ARC Board of Directors for review and a vote to approve or deny the adoption, or to request further information from you.
6.) We request that at any time during the adoption process, you schedule a time to come visit the parrot a second time, to make sure it’s a good fit for both you and the parrot you wish to adopt.  Parrots, just like us, have definite preferences in whom they want for flock members, and as much as you may like one of our birds, we cannot adopt it out to you if it shows any negative type of response, whatsoever, to you.
7.) Once you are approved, Melanie will coordinate a visit for you to come to the facility to pick up your new companion, and will review with you your adoption starter kit (a "swag bag" containing samples of his or her current diet to hold you over until you can buy your own; a special jar and instructions for growing the morning sprouts; the microchip information from our vet; informational handouts, including lists of safe and unsafe foods and houseplants, and a variety of other helpful topics; and our notes about your new parrot, including likes and dislikes, vocabulary, etc., to help ease its transition from our care to yours.  At that time, the adoption fee of $500 is required in full, prior to your taking the parrot off the property.

8.)  Once the adoption requirements through #6 are completed,  even if you haven't yet found the "parrot of your dreams," you'll still be approved for the next two years to adopt a parrot from ARC (unless you move, in which case we'd need to pay a visit to your new home).  So even if you don't find the right bird right away, you would have still completed the required adoption procedures, and when we do have the right bird for you, you won't need to repeat any of the requirements, except as just described.  The reason for the two-year limit is that with ongoing research in the avian world, we are continually updating our classes as new information is discovered.
9.) We are always available to answer any questions or concerns you may have about your new companion, and will supply you with contact phone numbers at the time the adoption is finalized.

Our adoption process may seem onerous to some; however, our combined experience of over 30 years in parrot rescue has proved to us, by the very small percentage of birds who come back to us because their adoptions fail, that our procedures are pretty spot on.