Once retired, Robbie wanted to travel once a year and to ensure that Gracie also "vacationed" with a qualified, parrot-knowledgeable, and loving individual in a safe environment. She also sought guidance on providing for Gracie in her estate planning.  Our Feathered Friends referred her to Eric.

In addition to years of paralegal experience in healthcare law, Robbie has an M.Ed. in Special Education and Rehabilitation of persons with disabilities.  Prior to retirement, she had over 30 years of experience (management and counseling) providing academic, vocational and avocational guidance to the University of Arizona and UCSD students with disabilities from all over the world, including a large number of returning disabled veterans.  Their disability needs and accommodations were as diverse as their ages, backgrounds, ethnicities, cultures, and world views.  Robbie has also written, and published through the Association of Higher Education of the Disabled, accommodation handbooks, as well as parent guides on how to appropriately advocate for academic support services to their offspring.

Robbie has served as a volunteer with Kids on the Block, providing several years of interactive disability awareness training to K-12 grades in San Diego, and to the UCSD community through life-size puppets (Kids on the Block).  She has also volunteered as a groomer with a San Diego County horse rescue/rehabilitation center.