More About Adonis Reece

After adopting Angel from The Olive Branch Parrot Rescue, Adonis continued to attend seminars offered by Parrot Education and Adoption Center.  During one of those meetings, Kikki, a Moluccan cockatoo, flew into his lap and remained there while Adonis preened him for well over an hour.  Let's just say that Kikki never spent a night apart from him as he became bird #2 for the Reece/Kern household. 

Adonis has always been the backbone to Eric's work in helping companion birds.  When Eric decided to start ARC, Adonis continued his support and agreed to participate as a Board member.  In his management position at Illumina, he has budget issues to manage, and we feel his money management skill in his professional life is a good addition to the financial stability and growth of ARC. 

Adonis and Eric always try to include a visit to a rescue or sanctuary when traveling. In the last year, 2017, they had the privilege of starting to network with the Zoological Society of London, Langley Animal Safari, and the Chester Cathedral Falconry and Nature Gardens. Though working full time does not allow him the time he wishes he had to work more one-on-one with the birds, every weekend he and Kikki make up and enjoy time together.